Get Your API Key for Lazada

Procedure to obtain API keys for Lazada to start integrating with your DinoSync account.

The following process can be followed for:

  • Lazada Singapore
  • Lazada Malaysia
  • Lazada Philippines
  • Lazada Indonesia
  • Lazada Vietnam
  • Lazada Thailand


  1. Log in to your DinoSync account. Click on the ‘Marketplace’ button.
  2. Under search/add marketplace management tab, select ‘Lazada’.
  3. Once you have selected Lazada, click on the plus button to authorise your Lazada account.
  4. Click on ‘Authorize’.
  5. You will be redirected to Lazada platform. Select your country and enter your Lazada seller centre account credentials. Click on ‘Sign in And Authorize’ button.
  6. Once the authorization has been successful, you will be redirected back to DinoSync. From there you can choose any one of the actions to perform.

And you’re good to go. Happy Selling!