How to Sync with Lazada

Here, we will guide you step by step on the procedure to sync products to Lazada using DinoSync.

Before we begin, you should know how to Upload products in your DinoSync account.


  1. While you’re in the products page. Click on the action icon or name for the selected product you want to integrate.
  2. Proceeding into the product page, click on the ‘Variant’ tab. 
  3. Click on the action icon or the SKU to perform action for that product. In this step, it is recommended that you start from the first SKU.
  4. After making sure all variants details are correct. Click on the ‘Marketplace’ tab.
  5. Select the marketplace you want to integrate with, and in this case it’s Lazada.
  6. Click on ‘+’ to proceed.
  7. After selecting the respective marketplace you want to integrate with, you should be proceed to selecting the category.
  8. Then, you can proceed to fill up the additional fields for your particular product. 
    • Each category has different mandatory fields.
    • Fill in the mandatory fields required before integrating. All mandatory fields are highlighted with ‘*’.
    • Leave ‘Long Description’ as it is, it will be synced according to what you keyed in when you first created the product.
    • You can select specific pictures which you’ve had uploaded to use for this particular SKU.
  9. Click ‘Save & Next’ and edit the remaining variants.
  10. Once you’ve done with all variants, you may click ‘Publish All’ to sync your products to Lazada.
  11. Once the integration has been successful you will be redirected to the variants page, you will then see the icon of Lazada that you have successfully sync to.


Hope this help you understand better on how to sync your products to Lazada. Happy selling!