Learn about DinoSync’s key features, how to sell, pricing plans, and where to find help when selling.

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  • Key features
  • Tips & tricks
  • Pricing plans
  • Where to go for help

Key features

DinoSync is packed with essential features you need to make selling in multiple marketplaces easier for you. And the best thing is, there’s no need to worry which plans you are choosing because all users are eligible for our essential features. All to make it easier to sell online. DinoSync offers:

  • Connect with multiple marketplaces and start selling. You can link with any marketplaces so long DinoSync offer the choice.
  • Upload and sync your product across multiple marketplaces in one go. No need to switch from window to window just to get the same thing done twice.
  • For existing marketplace sellers out there, don’t worry cause we got your back. In DinoSync, you can import products from one marketplace of your choice.
  • Import orders from all integrated marketplaces for a better overview of your online business across different platforms.
  • Keep your inventory updated across all integrated marketplaces with our auto-sync technology.
  • Received orders from all integrated marketplaces in one single platform.

Tips & tricks

With DinoSync, you can sell products in multiple marketplaces of your choice. As easy as it sound, the technology behind it is very complicated. Hence, below are some tips and tricks which will help smoothen your journey with us:

  • Make sure you have the same Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) code for your products across all marketplaces.
  • Import products from the most accurate or updated marketplace because you are only allow to import from ONE marketplace at the moment.
  • Always remember that inventory will not be updated if the product is not linked in DinoSync (marketplace icon will appear if they are link)
  • Edit and sync one marketplace at a time instead of saving the form and sync afterward, it will be much quicker.
  • Make sure all mandatory fields are filled in, or else, they will fail.
  • Changes made from marketplaces itself will not reflect on DinoSync.

Pricing plans

Our team in DinoSync are committed in bringing technology accessible to all kind of business. Wether you are in a corporate company with hundreds of employees or a part-time housewives trying to make some extra cash selling online, DinoSync is available to use in an affordable price. Thus, we only offer one type of plan which you can choose to pay us monthly or annually. Simple.

For more details please check out our pricing page.

Where to go for help

Our support team are committed to improve and to add more relevant content here. In our Knowledgebase, you can find guides and tutorials on how to use DinoSync.

If you can’t figure out how to do something on your own, you can always reach out to us at the live chat bubble available to you in your DinoSync app. Our DinoSync Expert will try their best to help you out.

Hiring an account manager

If you wish to hire and outsource your account managing work, you can! Our parent company – Red Dino specialize on helping brand owners in managing their online seller accounts. Some of our services include uploading, content enhancement, promotion and campaign planning, business analysis, store design and much more.

Sound like something you need? Simply reach out to us here or visit our Red Dino Sdn Bhd website at http://reddinoventures.com/