Orders Overview

Here, you will have a glimpse on your Order page.

Order page

Order page shows an overview of the orders you received from the marketplaces you’ve integrated with.

To access to your order page, simply click on ‘Orders’ which you may find in your account sidebar as shown below:


After that, you will be able to view the following page:

Breakdown of features:

  1. Table menu
    • Orders# – Order number retrieved from marketplaces.
    • Invoice# – Invoice number which you created your order. Orders which comes from marketplaces will not have any invoice number as default.
    • Store – Icon shows which marketplace the order comes from.
    • Status – Order statuses
    • Created At – When did DinoSync received the order.
    • Last Updated – When did you perform your last action towards the order.
  2. ‘Create Order’ button
    • Click that to create order within DinoSync.