Setting Up Your Account

Here we share about the steps you should take to set up your DinoSync account after creating an account, and if you haven’t create an account yet, please read How to sign up.

On this page

  • Integration with marketplaces
  • Sync imported products
  • Upload new products
  • Receiving orders

Integrating with marketplaces

The first thing for both new or existing sellers to do when you got into DinoSync dashboard is to link your DinoSync account with all the marketplaces you are/will be selling in. You should:

Sync imported products

After you have done importing all your products and orders into DinoSync, you can proceed in syncing the existing products to your second or third linked marketplaces. The synced marketplace icon will appear in your product catalogue once it’s successful. Please read our resources page Integration to learn more about the steps to sync products.

Upload new products

When you’re ready, you can go ahead and start adding new products into DinoSync as well as syncing them to multiple marketplaces. Some tips for you to get started:

  • Do all listings in DinoSync to avoid complication between marketplaces
  • As default, DinoSync will sync all inventory you filled in to the marketplaces you chose to sync. But you may separate the stock quantity as you like during marketplace’s settings.
  • Upload your photos in one shot and rearrange them after you save your products. (we are working to enhance this part, please stay tune)
  • Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) are auto-generated when you save your products. However, you can change them as you like when editing your attribution.
  • While syncing products with multiple attributions, it is recommended that you edit and save all attribution and publish at the end of your attribute to quicken the process.
  • Make sure you fill up the forms properly before syncing a products as some information might be gone if there’s and error occur.

For a detailed guide, please read Products upload.

Receiving orders

At this point, you are good to go and as long as your DinoSync account is linked with your marketplaces, you will received orders whenever there is one. Order received with the SKU exist in your DinoSync account will be deducted automatically and so does the one in your linked marketplaces. For more information, read Orders auto-sync.